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Top-notch lighting design.

Whether you’re orchestrating a large-scale production or an intimate gathering, Pyro Productions Event Services Division is privileged to be your go-to for lighting design. Theme serves as a cornerstone in our creative process, and we excel in shaping event spaces accordingly.

Our clients consistently rely on us for our blend of creative flair and technical proficiency. Collaborating with our team guarantees unwavering dedication to your vision, and for our corporate lighting clients, alignment with your business objectives.

High Quality Concert And Festival Production

At the heart of every unforgettable concert lies an exceptional production company. Our forte lies in providing unwavering support—nurturing your vision and turning dreams into reality through captivating sights and sounds. From concert lighting to LED walls, line arrays to monitor systems, audio engineering to light design, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. We take pride in collaborating with events of all scales—because every vision deserves to shine brightly.

We take pride in collaborating with events of all sizes because we believe every vision deserves to be brought to life.

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Tour & Concert Laser Lighting

Laser light shows possess a captivating power that resonates uniquely with audiences. Whether you’re crafting an immersive environment with a laser rental or enriching the experience with special effects like confetti drops, fire projectors, cold sparks, foam, fog, and haze, we provide options and opportunities for your upcoming concerts and events.

Concert lasers are not just essential for the show; they are also integral to your marketing and business development strategies. They play a crucial role in event promotions, appearing in both print and digital formats to attract and engage your audience effectively. Pyro Productions is trusted by the biggest and best venues for the quality of our concert lasers, ensuring that when you choose us, you join the ranks of the best festivals, clubs, stadiums, and unique locations.

Show Type: Concert / Stage Lighting

Perfect For: Arenas, Stadiums, Fairgrounds

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